New 1000-1250-1500lb Club Members

The Quest for the shirt has begun. The Manteo Weight Lifting Club has brought in 3 male strength divisions and each has their own shirts. Either in Weight Training Class or during the Weight Lifting Club sessions (after earning your shirt first- minimum of 20 sessions) you max out on the following lifts: Parallel Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift, and Hang Clean. If the total pound of the lifts fall over the following three numbers you earn a pound club shirt. The 1000lb club is grey, 1250lb club is black, and the 1500lb club is yellow.

The week of January 22 2019 was the first round of max outs for students to earn the shirt. Congrats to the following students for achievements.

1500lb Club Members (1)

Thomas Orgsbon- 1590

1250lb Club Members (2)

Kyle Soles- 1445

Mikey McCallum- 1250

1000lb Club Members (12)

Jake Brown- 1230

Armani Pledger- 1175

Ryan McOwen-1100

Tyler Day – 1090

Keagan Charron- 1080

John Hancock- 1075

Kahlil- 1035

Caleb Barker- 1000

Yeifer Perez- 1000

Clay Rice- 1000

Hayden Scott- 1000

Bryson Sawyer- 1000


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